With funding from Global Forest Watch/Word Resources Institute, the NGOs SEKAKOH in Cameroon and Mbou Mon Tour in the Democratic Republic of Congo are identifying, raising awareness and training, and setting up a local community forest monitoring team of 20 people in the Ebo Forest and Bolobo territory respectively.

Their mission is to identify and document the main causes of forest degradation and biodiversity in the two landscapes, using the Global Forest Watch online platform and the Forest Watcher offline data collection application.
Thanks to this support, a first community map presenting the main areas of degradation as well as the main causes of deforestation in the Ebo forest and its periphery has been elaborated.
These causes are mainly selective wood cutting (31.65%), fire (29.75%), agricultural farms (28.48%), roads (5.70%), agriculture (3.80%) and charcoal exploitation (0.63%).


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